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December 22nd, 2013

bluflamingo: purple boots (Purple boots)
Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 03:13 pm
My cat's gone into hiding, which is probably a sign I've been dashing about too much today. Rosie (the cat) was a rescue when I got her, who was found wandering the streets with no identification or owner, so the home don't really know what happened to her, but I think her family must have moved away and left her behind, because she freaks when there's anything going on that seems like it might be packing. I pulled out all my fabric and sorted it, which is probably close enough for her to need to hide under the bed for a while.

While she's being in her happy place, [ profile] pacificngal asked me about my favorite Sheppard/Mitchell relationship scenario:

I prefer for them to have been friends, with or without benefits, prior to Stargate, as a general rule, and in my head, they had an on-again-off-again sexual relationship and friendship after meeting early on in their military careers (obviously, well off while John was married). I know we only ever saw them exchange a handful of words on the show, but to me, they didn't seem like strangers, or people who'd just met. But I don't think either one was around for the major crises of each other's lives (Cam getting shot down, John losing his friends and nearly getting kicked out).

For Cam, I imagine that, post-SG1, he gets a new posting in Washington with Homeland Security (since there's no obvious next step for him at the SGC but he wouldn't want to leave the programme entirely, and Landry and O'Neill are probably grooming him to take over command, since Sam doesn't want it). He buys or rents a nice house in Washington with a backyard and gets a dog and basically rises through the air force and the SGC until he had to retire and it's all good.

For John (yeah, I swear I'm getting back to the question!) I'm a little less sure. Like, I think he comes home from Atlantis (because he gets promoted again? Because the IOA or SGC won't let him go back? Because he bonds with his brother while on Earth and decides to stay there? Because of Cam? Because he's tired and decides to leave?) but then I can go either way on whether he stays on with the Air Force (teaching young pilots) or leaves and does something else (gets his PhD and becomes a lecturer who all his students love? Does something that still involves flying? Gets involved with the family business again? Takes a random left turn and becomes something that no-one would have expected?). Either way, he occasionally gets sent back to Atlantis, and they rebuild the bridge, so that Teyla and Ronon can come visit, and when Lorne gets put in charge of Atlantis, he and John email back and forth and John mentors him through being in charge without ever admitting that's what he's doing.

Regardless, I think that John and Cam end up living together in Washington, with the dog. Cam makes friends with all the neighbours and drags John out to shovel for all the older ones, and John bonds with all the kids and disaffected teenagers living there, and they teach him cool tricks on their skateboards.

And everyone lives happily ever after :)