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February 14th, 2014

bluflamingo: Amy from TWW looking pretty (TWW: Amy (pretty))
Friday, February 14th, 2014 10:56 pm
My sister tells me I can't call it a bucket list if it only applies to one list, even if it is a list of things to do before 2014 kicks the bucket, so now it's just a list of 20 things to do except there's only 19. Which is not as catchy!

Regardless, I'm making some progress on it:
1. My coffee table is now covered in a shiny layer of map pages, which had the added bonus of enticing me to tidy away all the crap that lives on it, which spiralled into a fullblown cleaning and reorganising of my flat

2. My footstool is repainted and waiting for a new fabric cover - as soon as I find instructions that don't seem to require a degree in upholstering science, that is!

3. For volunteering, I've walked the little Westie twice now, though last night we got caught in a sleet shower, which she seemed to think had been sent especially to amuse her. I was less amused.

4. PhD upgrade is set for April, final data tbc, oh God what am I doing?!?!

5. Five out of ten stories submitted: so far, two accepted, one rejected, and two pending.

I've also finally put the edging on the last two (of four) place mats I started when I bought a new kitchen table last summer (oops) and made up a cushion that I half-did before Christmas. This weekend will be more of my friend's wedding quilt - four rows of seven done, and I bought the backing fabric when one of my favourite fabric shops had a one day sale; taking the recycling before it takes over my flat; possibly more chopping down in my allotment; and tomorrow I'm going to a soapstone carving workshop which should be fun.

Plus, somewhere in there I have to do a chunk of my upgrade paperwork, and I really want to make a start on this Avengers fic idea I've got... Yeah, maybe I need a shortlist!