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June 3rd, 2014

bluflamingo: Fury, Coulson and Hill with SHIELD printed above them (SHIELD)
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 08:05 pm
So, today I interviewed for a job, and then I got offered it.

Which would be a good thing, except that I'm not sure whether or not I want it.

The backstory to the dilemna is that a year ago, I took a job I love, part-time alongside another part-time job, then in August I got made temporarily full-time in the job, with the expectation/hope that this would become a permanent thing. Then we went through a restructure and I got told, nope, I'd have to go back to part-time, except I don't have my other part-time job any more, and I can't afford to be on three days a week.

To add interest to the whole thing, I applied for a secondment while the restructure was in progress, and got offered it. I just started two and a half weeks ago. It's got six months, and there's not much chance of it being extended, but they might be able to make up the additional two days for me. They're also paying more than my substantive job.

With all this happening, I started applying for other jobs, with a view to (a) getting a permanent full-time post and (b) getting a job that pays more than I'm currently on and is a step up. In case things all fell through, I also applied for the job I just got offered today, which is basically my substantive post for a tiny bit more money with another council.

Everyone still with me?!

Pros to taking the job include: I'll have a permanent job, the people seem really nice, they've just been restructured so I'm not going to be restructured again in the next six months, I'd like the job, it's reasonably convenient for where I'm moving to (did I mention I'm moving this weekend because my landlord evicted me?)

Cons are: I've got six months in my secondment so I don't need to panic yet (especially since this is my first application and interview), my secondment pays better, I've put in two applications for better jobs that I'm waiting to hear back on, I'd need to stay at least a year before I could realistically think of moving to something better.

Plus, taking the offer feels like the safe option, rather than the scary stretch option. OK, maybe I don't get offered anything else and then I have to panic. But I want a better job on enough money that I feel secure, where it's a stretch from what I'm doing. And I just want to do the risky thing for once; what's the point of being single and dependentless if I can't?

All of which comes down to - I should take the offer, but I think I'm going to turn it down and hope that I can get something better.

Tell me I'm making the right decision?