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August 25th, 2014

bluflamingo: Natasha from Avengers Assemble raising her eyebrow (Natasha eye-brow)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 08:15 pm
I'm going up north (of England) in a couple of weeks for a few days' holiday, and will be flying because it's much cheaper and quicker than taking a train. I'll also be going with only what I can get in my cabin bag, since I refuse to pay half the cost again of the flight to check a bag.

As a result of this, and because my parents owed me a birthday present, I just bought a Kindle.

And realised that, although I own a lot of books, I don't really read books all that much any more, and hence have no idea what to throw onto it.


I mostly read non-fiction when I read, especially the sort of pop-science/pop-history stuff that got popular a few years back. I've just finished Bill Bryson's account of a year in US history (and lent it to my dad, so I can't check what year!) and I've read some good stuff about women in the second world war, especially the spies. I like stuff about explorers, and women who take on physical challenges, and anything about science or language written for a lay person. Also histories of gay and lesbian people, and books about equality and feminism and women's rights movement. Fictionwise, I'm really picky, but I mostly like fantasy and crime. Or crime-fantasy. Police procedurals generally over private detectives, and definitely no little old ladies solving crimes. Female characters over male generally, and LGBT characters (or heavily sub-texty) if I can get them. Fantasy, I'm about halfway through the Temeraire series and loving it, re-read Garth Nix's Sabriel series until the books fall apart, and loved Trudi (Tracey?) Canavan's magicians academy stuff the first time I read it (then realised the main character is the classic girl who's special cos she's like the boys, and that all the characters except her are men).

Any suggestions for what I might download? Books you've loved? Good sites for searching for ebooks - I tried Amazon, but are there others?

And if you'd like to leave a couple of character names and a prompt with your suggestion, I will very happily write you something short in return!