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October 18th, 2015

bluflamingo: half orange with segments in rainbow colours (Default)
Sunday, October 18th, 2015 08:43 pm
Hi Yuletide author!

Thank you for signing up to write one of my fandoms. I can pretty much guarantee that I'll love whatever you write, so if you've got a brilliant idea that you just love and *have* to write, feel free to do it. If you're like me and find yourself staring at a blank screen really wanting to write but not knowing where to start, hopefully this will help.

Generally I love hurt/comfort, mild angst, positive endings, friendship stories, verbal humour, mild teasing, AUs, future fic, stuff set before the show started, slash/femslash, developing relationships, gen/friendship, caring and affection, queer communities, kid fic, kittens and puppies, bookshops.

I don’t like humiliation, embarrassment, people being made to look stupid, outright humour stories, excessive violence, PWP, het.

Rivers of London
Thomas Nightingale

I couldn't decide who else of the characters were "have to haves" for this fandom, so feel free to pick anyone else to write about with Nightingale.

Nightingale hits all my tragic history, really needs a hug buttons, so if you wanted to write about that - the first few years after the war, pre-war tragic ending relationships - then go for it. I'm definitely down with angst and sadness for this fandom. Alternatively, how Nightingale met Stephanopoulos/Seawoll/Walid/Caffrey/the Rivers, or if you wanted to go future fic and speculate, that's cool too. I'm particularly fond of Nightingale and how he's part of queer London over the years, preferably with no internal self-hating, or maybe they pick up some new apprentices as Peter gets more experienced, and Nightingale ends up being the sore of queer agony uncle for baby queer wizards?

Pairing wise, I could see any combination of Nightingale with the other male characters, or go gen - I'm happy either way.


Another fandom where I'm totally happy for you to go with angst/sadness if the mood takes you - I think the entire team have enough of it! Feel free to bring in any of the other characters, whether they're nominated or not - I love all the characters, though I have a particular fondness for these two.

If you're feeling pairing fic, then I ship Spike/Lou, and I'd love anything that touches on their relationship, pairing or friendship: first meeting, how they got together, what they do when they're not at work, Spike after Lou dies, the two of them meeting each other's parents... Or go AU and don't kill Lou; or indeed go super-AU and have them doing something totally different.

The thing I like best about this show is that they're all really decent people - there's no violence towards suspects of the "oops, did I knock your head against the car door?" kind that you get on other shows. I don't need you to work that into the story, but just avoid them doing violence because they're angry or upset, please.

Mission Impossible movies
Will Brandt

Brandt is my favourite character from the movies, but I like all the characters nominated, so feel free to bring in anyone else who takes your fancy. I pretty much ship Brandt with any of the men in the movies, if you wanted to go pairing, but as with the others, I'm totally happy with gen as well.

In term of prompts, I'd love to read something about Brandt between Julia apparently being killed and Ghost Protocol, or between Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation. Like the other two fandoms, I'm totally happy for you to go angst/sad fic - Brandt's another character who sort of lends himself to it. On the other hand, go happy ending, and I'll be just as pleased. Does Will have geeky hobbies he engages in when he's not working? Family he sees? Bonding time with the Ghost Protocol team? Or something hurt/comfort on a mission? - though if you go that way, can it be weighted more comfort than hurt please?