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Friday, January 3rd, 2014 06:39 pm
So, the windy weather round here froze up my router over Christmas (don't ask me how that makes any sense, but apparently it's what happened) and I've been internetless until today. On the bright side, the company replaced it for free, and, even better, replaced it with a wireless router.

Big smiles.

What've I missed in the intervening period?

Here's all the things I've been wanting to post and not managed to:
1. Happy new year! 2013 was much better than 2012, but here's hoping for 2014 to be even better.

2. I wrote two stories for the [ profile] be_compromised Christmas exchange, which are still anonymous. If you want to try to guess which two, I promise a prize for the first to guess... not sure what it'll be, mind.

3. I also wrote a last minute pinch hit for yuletide, which, embarrassing confession, I thought the character in the prompt was someone else when I snagged it, and didn't realise till I got home that night that it was actually someone else who appeared in the books I hadn't read yet. Bad bluflamingo! But it got more kudos than I've had on anything, possibly ever, so... make of that what you will!

4. I don't usually bother with new year's resolutions, but this year, I made

1. Make paella, bread, jam and pizza. Paella because I've said for years that if I ever host Christmas dinner, everyone's getting paella, not turkey and stuffing, and this year I realised I've never actually made paella. I've also never hosted Christmas dinner and probably never will, but there we go.

2. Plant my allotment. Well, after I finish clearing it, which I would, if it ever stopped raining.

3. Pass beginners' archery. I've been twice in four months, and I need 6 classes to pass. I'm going on Sunday though, no matter what.

4. Volunteer. Walking a Westie for an older lady - super-lovely way to spend Thursday evenings

5. Pass my PhD upgrade.

6. Submit 10 original stories for publication. Because I used to do this a lot, and was regularly accepted, and then I sort of stopped.

7. Recover my footstool. I bought it at a table-top sale, four years ago, and it's ugly - I bought it to recover. I finally bought material and paint though.

8. Cover my coffee table. It's a cheap Ikea thing, but I recently found two road atlases that are out of date, so I'm planning to cover the top with pages from those. Done, and it looks awesome

9. Quilt for my best friend's wedding. I've nearly finished the cutting out, then I have to start the sewing.

10. Write four stories for the lesbian magic anthology I've been talking about for a year and a half.

11. Reach out to the LGBT families magazine in my city to see if I can write for them.

12. Make a scrap quilt out of old scarves and bandanas

13. Reach out to two training organisations to see if I can get work.

14. Work out the details and pitch publishers on two erotic anthologies: Alone Time, and Enthusiastic Consent (title to be amended at some point!)

15. Look into selling some of the crafty stuff that I make.

16. Find a cheaper energy supplier

17. Visit the poison garden at Arnwick

18. See puffins in the wild

19. Finish my lollipop tree picture

20. ???

So, if nothing else, that all should keep me busy!
sid: (pretty Tree in snow)
[personal profile] sid
Saturday, January 4th, 2014 02:15 am (UTC)
Happy New Year and welcome back to the land of teh internetz! :-D

I love your list of resolutions. It's like, all those things will make you productive and happy, unlike 'keep the kitchen clean' or 'lose 15 pounds so I can fit into my jeans from high school,' which probably won't, lol.
Saturday, January 4th, 2014 12:14 pm (UTC)
Happy new year ^^
Wow, that's a lot of things you've done. Should bode well for the whole new year ^^v
Sunday, January 5th, 2014 06:59 am (UTC)
And post pics of puffins in the wild! The important part B to that resolution. :)

Modems freezing is a thing? *puzzled*