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Sunday, July 6th, 2014 11:26 am
Life has been a little crazy since... oh, February, maybe... but I miss you all, so I'm going to try to actually post something occasionally. In the meantime, have a list:

1. I passed my PhD upgrade panel! (In case I never said, I'm a part-time PhD student alongside working full-time, looking into service provision for female victims of domestic violence from a same sex partner). It basically means I can now seek ethics board approval and do the research part - eep!

2. My landlord decided in May to evict me (apparently, I'm supposed to just live with water coming through the ceiling and not complain about it?) so I ended up moving in something of a rush to a fairly tiny flat that I nevertheless love - I keep telling people it's the best decision I was ever forced to make when I didn't want to

3. I've been making some clothes, since I like to sew, and I hate to clothes shop. So far: one dress with shirring top (out of purple fabric with squirrels on it); one blue and purple patchwork skirt (oh my god, that took FOREVER); one very bright wrap around skirt; a tea dress with tea pots fabric (about three quarters done, but needs another panel to make it long enough); and a panel skirt that I figured out myself, and which is hence driving me slightly crazy. Next up is a shawl to wear to my best friend's wedding (over the dress a friend is making me), a bag for the same, a circle skirt out of green floral fabric, and a halter top dress that's suitable for work. Plus, if the latter works out, another version in purple camouflage fabric. Oh, and a baby quilt for a quilt show.

4. Job interview tomorrow, eep. and extra eep because I bought a new dress to wear, but it's white with black flowers and I just got my period - slightly risky?

5. My marvel big bang fic is almost finished, but I think I want to write a companion piece to go with, because then I can write Natasha and Sam and Steve and Maria Hill being smart and awesome and coming to the rescue. Fifty days is plenty of time though, right?

6. I still haven't finished my beginners archery course, mainly because it's on Sunday mornings and I'm not very good at mornings even on weekdays. Does anyone have any good suggestions for making myself get up and go?


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