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Sunday, October 19th, 2014 08:11 pm

Hi Yuletide author!

Thank you for signing up to write one of my fandoms. I can pretty much guarantee that I'll love whatever you write, so if you've got a brilliant idea that you just love and *have* to write, feel free to do it. If you're like me and find yourself staring at a blank screen really wanting to write but not knowing where to start, hopefully this will help.

Generally I love hurt/comfort, mild angst, positive endings, friendship stories, verbal humour, mild teasing, AUs, future fic, stuff set before the show started, slash/femslash, developing relationships, gen/friendship, caring and affection, queer communities, kid fic, kittens and puppies, bookshops.

I don’t like humiliation, embarrassment, people being made to look stupid, outright humour stories, excessive violence, PWP, het.

Requests for reference:
1. Grimm (Nick Burkhardt, Monroe, Hank Griffin, Rosalee Calvert)
My favourite moments of the show are when they're all sitting around having dinner or discussing a case or working in Rosalee's shop or the trailer, so I'd love if you incorporated some of that. I also love all the different wesen, so if you wanted to invent (or bring back) some wesen, please do - especially 'Hansel and Gretel' from season 1, or the bird solider woman from season 3. I know Juliet wasn't nominated, so no worries if you prefer not to include her, but if you'd like to, please do.

In terms of more concrete prompts: Rosalee and Monroe schooling Nick and Hank (especially Hank) in wesen-lore. Rosalee saving the day with a potion. Nick's mom comes to visit with the baby. Hank/Rosalee/Monroe first time (or established relationship). Nick and Rosalee working together while Hank and Monroe work together.

2. Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters (Hansel, Gretel, Mina)
I love how goofy this movie is, and how they just embrace the goofiness. I love how Hansel's a total dork and Gretel is completely badass and Mina is sweet and tough, so anything that showcases some or all of that would be cool.

Specific prompts: Post-movie, Mina didn't die, and she and Gretel hook-up. AU of the movie where Hansel's the witch and Gretel sleeps with Mina (yes, I'm a huge fan of Mina/Gretel femslash!) Pre-movie, Hansel and Gretel meet Mina somehow (searching for a cure for Hansel's sugar sickness?) Hansel and Gretel between the first witch and the movie. One or all them get turned into animals/kids/each other (body swapping).

3. Mission Impossible (William Brandt, Jane Carter)
I like Will and Jane because they're both a little messed up and a little prone to doing slightly stupid things as a result and good at their jobs in a sort of dorky on-the-edge-of-messing-it-up way. I also like it for the weird funny moments (the camel, Ethan and Will trying to catch the train).

Specific prompts: how about Will's story from thinking Julia was killed to the movie? Will and Jane undercover together and/or bonding over their on the job traumas. What if Will went back to being an analyst after the movie, or Jane decided to take a break from missions and do something else (training new agents, maybe?) Jane and Will end up raising a kid together (as friends, not a couple - in my head, Will's gay).

4. Maleficent (Maleficent, Aurora, Diaval)
I love the relationship between Aurora and Maleficent, and the little family they make up with Diaval. I think the whole movie is beautiful, especially the fairy world, and I love Diaval's transformation.

Specific prompts: really, anything about what happens after the movie would make me happy. Maleficent/Diaval slow-burn courtship. Maleficent and Arurora bonding. Aurora gains the ability to turn into a bird and goes flying with Diaval and/or Maleficent. More cute moments between the three of them when Aurora's little.