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Stargate Atlantis


5 crossovers Colby Granger was never in: (section three) I used to know this guy... (Colby+Sheppard, Sheppard/Holland; 2155)

Down The Rabbit Hole: Some days are just not worth the effort of getting out of bed; x-over with Numb3rs and SG1; sequel to 5 crossovers... (Colby/Lorne past Colby/Daniel; 10,000)

Across State Lines: Slight AU where Sheppard somehow knew Lorne before he ever came to Atlantis (and before Shep knew about the Stargate program). They had a thing at that time, but had assumed they'd never see each other again when Lorne was commissioned for the SGC. Now that Lorne's on Atlantis, too though, the flame is rekindled (Sheppard/Lorne; 2356)

Been Five Years: It’s not often fate works for them instead of against them. Evan's planning on making the most of the one time it does (Lorne/Sheppard; 3604)

Colonel Magpie: pica pica; most recognized for their attraction to shiny things (John/Rodney; 1759)

Coming Around Again: That was the way it was; the way they were. Until… (John/Rodney; 2366)

Copy: Just plain wrong; bad sex; comment porn; dub-con (Carson/John; ~750)

Dandelion Clock: Things change. Sometimes you just need a little faith (John/Ronon; 1000)

Fool me Once: It started, John would realize much later, with a call for help (John/Rodney; 9647)

Friday Night: Boy meets boy, boy dates boy…eventually (John/Rodney; ~5000)

Gone Native: The replicators never came for Atlantis. Instead, it's been a year, and John's got to decide what he's willing to give up. What he wants to get; Return au (John/Ronon; 2087)
One year later

Hide and Seek: Some things are only seen in their effect (Ronon/Lorne; 3746)

Hieroglyphics: Life on Atlantis feels like a constant stream of either/or decisions, even when John doesn’t know they’re being made; fight or flight as a metaphor for their lives; sequel to Sign Language (John/Rodney; 5400)

Honor and Country: E-Ring fusion; When he was in sixth grade, Rodney McKay spent several hours being interrogated by the CIA, who decided they’d rather he was working with them than potentially against them. The same year, John Sheppard realized the Air Force would never let him fly since he was color-blind, and decided he’d join the Army instead, when he was old enough. Unsurprisingly, they managed to meet anyway... (John/Rodney; ~25,000)

I May Be Some Time: “You know,” John says, “When I said I thought we were due a vacation, I was kind of hoping for somewhere –“
“Warmer?” McKay suggests (John/Rodney; 2604)

Mix It Up: Five Starfleet Academy students in a bar, with unresolved sexual tension and alcohol. Sounds like the start to a bad joke (Sheppard/Kirk, Emmagan/Uhura; 2764)

Never Going Home: John believes in miracles, in last minute saves, in the impossible. He's lived all of them. He also believes in small, random things that kill people; in the end you don't see coming, in the impossible-in-a-bad-way (John/Rodney; 10910)

Saturday Afternoon: Rodney's got to go to work, and John's got too much time to think; post-Never Going Home (John/Rodney; 2208)

After All: "I'm sorry," Rodney says. "I'm going to be late, they sent some stuff on the Daedalus that we weren't expecting;" post-Never Going Home and Saturday Afternoon (John/Rodney; 3210)

One Wild Night: Dean hates Pasadena, but there’s a chance it might grow on him; xover with Supernatural (Dean/Lorne; 3859)

Postscript: The end of the world is coming, and Aiden’s feeling something less than fine (Ford/Sheppard; 2598)

Redefinition: You can't always rely on someone you trusted, but you can always rely on your friends, even if it is just to tell you that you've been an idiot; x-over with Numb3rs (Colby/Lorne; 6790)

Reconciliation: Lorne goes to LA and his boyfriend when he ends up on medical leave; sequel to Redefinition (Colby/Lorne, 5353)
The next morning

Sign Language: A flash and a boom and John’s existing in a silent, dark world (John/Rodney pre-slash; 2590)

Soon Be Safe And Warm: Rodney finds John at 1.30 in the morning (John/Rodney; 1555)

Still Running: Forget what you shouldn't remember (Lorne/Sheppard; 2420)

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Tea-Developers: Katie has a plan… or possibly several plans (Katie Brown, Lorne/Parrish; 6847)

Tied Up, Sticking Around: Things don’t exactly work out as expected when Rodney gets dragged to an art exhibition; Earth-based au (Lorne/MacKay; 12,500)

Time After Time: Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out that getting what you want isn't all it's cracked up to be; unfortunately, neither is getting what you need (John/Rodney; 7685)

Today and Tomorrow: John and Ronon take a day off in San Francisco (John/Ronon; 2098)

Trust Me: bondage, gags, D/s, sex continuing after John safe words but Rodney doesn't hear it (Rodney/John; ~1200)

What It's Made: Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose (Tennessee Williams) (also known as the everyone's LGB except Rodney AU) (John/Ronon; 7728)

~ Space pirates ‘verse:

Never That Easy: “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Cam said when John looked furtively round the bar they were holed up in, waiting for their current client to show up to exchange goods for money, and brought out a series of photos (Sheppard, Mitchell, Teyla; 3959)

Recruitment Drive: Become a space pirate, lead a life of glamour and riches, his ass (Lorne, Sheppard, general cast; 5677)

Penguins and Sparrows and Stars: Just once – just once! – he’d like not to be chased off a planet, or chased through the sky right after he left. It really doesn’t seem like too much to ask (Lorne, Sheppard, general cast, various pairings; 9842)


A Very Small Nudge: Don't believe everything you hear (Cadman, Lorne, Cadman/Teyla; 2843)

Breaking and Entering and Bubble Bath: Jennifer gets bubble bath in a care package from home, and she and Alicia take advantage of Rodney being off-world to use it; same universe as Summer Days (Vega/Keller; 1004)

Care: If you're going to have sex fifty feet away from your boss, you have to take precautions (Cadman/Brown; 1025)

Cease (to move on): Sora’s second trip to Atlantis is nothing like her first; companion to Noble Form(Sora/Teyla pre-slash; 5688)

Every End Is A New Beginning: The trick is in figuring out which is which (Cadman/Simpson; ~6000)

Fade Out To Black: It’s like a huge black space in her head where something should be, getting filled with the wrong thing (Cadman/Katie Brown; 9755)

Finding The Shape Of Me And You: It is her place with Dr Weir that Teyla finds most difficult to locate (Teyla/Elizabeth, Teyla/Sam; 4059)

Hail Mary: She's back, but everything's changed (Elizabeth/Cadman; 5840)

Hands On: after breaking up with their respective boyfriends, Amelia and Jennifer go shopping for sex toys, then make use of them; includes sex with a strap-on (Keller/Banks; ~1200)

Let It Grow: In which Jennifer works through her own sexual identity, Katie and Laura get back together after all, and Alicia and Laura bond over the perils of being queer in the US military, and why exactly both their girlfriends have been interested in Rodney McKay; au for season 5 (Vega/Keller, Cadman/Brown; 17,289)

Long Way Round: Nothing's ever straightforward (Sam/Teyla; 2762)

Miscommunication: She feels a little like she’s got sucked into a bad romantic comedy (Katie Brown/Laura Cadman; 2861)

Mix It Up: Five Starfleet Academy students in a bar, with unresolved sexual tension and alcohol. Sounds like the start to a bad joke (Sheppard/Kirk, Emmagan/Uhura; 2764)

Noble Form: Teyla runs into a familiar face on an off-world trip (Teyla/Sora pre-slash; 2500)

Oath To Break, Stand Beside Me: Of all the things that Sora might have expected would happen while she was Atlantis’ prisoner, this wasn’t high on the list (Sora/Teyla; 5600)

Red Wine and Hpe: She probably shouldn’t be giving Katie alcohol, but Katie didn’t come to her, back to Earth, for a listening ear, and Katie can’t let herself have it without alcohol as an excuse, a push (Cadman/Brown; 1570)

Stepping Off: Being stuck on Atlantis while the teams went out was going to take some getting used to (Carter/Cadman; 2474)

Summer Days: Keller and Vega in the woods on a summer day (Keller/Vega; 2153)

The History of an Alliance: Building an alliance between two peoples takes time (Teyla/Sora; 1885)

Traditional Dress: Laura gets dressed up to go off-world, with unexpected consequences back in Atlantis (Cadman/Teyla; 5500)

Two-Stepping: She’s a marine, she’s used to taking risks, and anyway, what’s a little humiliation between colleagues (Cadman/Katie Brown; 2056)


And So The End: Sometimes it doesn't get better. Sometimes it just gets worse; sometimes it just ends (Dysfunction verse) (Keller/McKay; 4197)

Last Chance: The night before Jennifer's supposed to marry Rodney, Ronon comes to her hotel room (Keller/Dex, Keller/McKay; 1684)


A Way Of Holding On: "We still do this, don't we?" Rodney said (John/Ronon/Rodney; 2695)


5 Meetings Teyla Has As Leader of The Athosians (Teyla; 4356)

A Journey Measured In Friends: The nice thing about Pegasus is, when you manage to make friends, they'll come through for you (Ford, Keres; 4868)

College Experience: College is all about new things (Elizabeth Weir; 3936)

Construction For The Sexually Frustrated: Sam knows that if she wants something, she's going to have to build it herself (Sam Carter; 780)

Cremnophobia: A fear of precipices. Some phobias have their roots in entirely rational fear (Kate Heightmeyer; 2465)

Diplomacy, Light Years From Home: Sam’s first off-world trip in Pegasus, or at least her first in which she’s required to be the leader rather than just another soldier on a rescue, is to M3H 419, known to the locals as Haptra (Sam Carter; 4926)

Fall, Fall, Fall: This is the part that comes after the bad part, after the heroic rescue. Except it's still the bad part, and a heroic rescue wouldn't go amiss (Lorne, Sheppard; 4413)

Favorite Books: sometimes you need a little space; sometimes it's the last thing you need (Cadman, Brown; 1492)

Fidel Castro In The Fridge: Some days are like waking up, going to the refrigerator, and finding Fidel Castro in there: you just don’t know what to say. Sam’s not sure she wouldn’t have *preferred* finding Fidel Castro in her fridge (Carter, Teyla; 6224)

First Day of School: In which Major Lorne learns exactly what “Sheppard’s XO” means (Lorne; 2686)

First Sight, Second Sight: Just because something’s over, doesn’t mean it’s finished (Katie Brown, past Katie/Rodney; 1722)

Getting To Know You: Pretty much since they met, their friendship has a lot of lying for each other to hospital personnel and roughly the same amount of watching each other’s backs off world (Cadman + Lorne friendship; 5063)
One year later

Good To See You: John touches an Ancient device, then loses touch with the world around him (John, Rodney, team; 6284)

Green Marks On The Wall: What if the SGC thinks they're dead or he's dead, what happens when Elizabeth isn't there to say go and Carter isn't there to be angry and forceful and Woolsey isn't there to wring his hands and say this isn't what he had in mind? What if it's just Landry, and Landry hates John, doesn't want John's team (John, 4995)

In Memoriam: In sickness and in health... Alison's team post-Whispers (Whispers team; 2170)

Less Like Freedom Than You Might Assume: You don’t always get to decide for yourself (Lorne, Sheppard, Parrish; 7374)

Meanwhile Back On Atlantis...: What Sheppard did while Lorne was off-world; out-take for Less Like Freedom (Sheppard; 1212)

Lies I Have To Tell You: When you’re already keeping a secret from your family, keeping a different secret from your colleagues probably shouldn’t be that hard (Lorne, Sheppard, Dex (section 2) Vega, Mehra (section 3); 3818)

Necessary Things (settling the balance): "I want flying lessons on the jumpers," Kavanagh said (John, Kavanagh; 2353)

No-one Belonging: Moving on in a world that's changed (Sora; 3045)

Old Fashioned Methods: Some things in Pegasus are very predictable; that’s probably why Laura’s not surprised when they all get thrown in jail (Cadman, Teyla; 3843)

Paid in Forward Motion: When John wakes up on a hive ship (again), he finds someone he thought he’d lost (Sheppard; 6435)

Remembrance: John's pretty sure saving the Earth is supposed to come with a reward, not with things getting even worse; post Enemy At The Gate (John, Team Sheppard; 6867)

Reorientation: The more things change, the more they stay the same (goes au from the end of season 1) (Ford, Lorne, Cadman; 13,937)

Better When We're Together: Five years after Ford didn't escape through the gate while high on Wraith enzyme, Sheppard has a proposition for him and Cadman (sequel to Reorientation) (Ford, Lorne, Cadman; 2780)

Single Step: Moving forward in uncertain times (Teyla; 5921)

Squide In: The play of a previously unplayed wink from behind the baseline. Or, how Lieutenant Ford went to an Athosian festival and found it… wasn't quite like he expected (Ford, team; 2200)

Start From Now: Jennifer nearly turned down the Atlantis expedition when she was offered it… (Jennifer Keller; 2211)

Traveling the Line: Things still feel off: his team, the city, Sheppard; like he stepped back into the wrong version of the city, or maybe of his life (Lorne, Sheppard; 4750)

Wash Me Away: Elizabeth takes a deep breath and says, “I’m sorry, John, your father passed away two days ago” (John, mild John/Cam; 5945)

Where They Understand You: Ronon’s got a B&B in the Satedan countryside, Teyla’s got a baby, Rodney’s got an obsession with the power generator, and John’s got a tendency to go running off without saying where he’s going. Also, there are mice (team; 5558)

Stargate SG1


5 crossovers Colby Granger was never in: (section one) I used to know this guy... (Colby/Daniel; 2155)

Down The Rabbit Hole: Some days are just not worth the effort of getting out of bed; x-over with SGA and Numb3rs; sequel to 5 crossovers... (Colby/Lorne, past Colby/Daniel; 10,000)

Breaking the Tension: “It’s an SG-1 tradition,” Sam says innocently (Cam/Daniel; 4332)

Pyxis (the mariner’s compass): Lost at Sea): Worse things happen at sea, as Daniel’s finding out; Firefly crossover (Daniel/Mal; 6797)

Transference: People with sudden onset telepathy never hear anything they want to; when Cam's comes on while he's having sex with Daniel, it's that times a thousand (Cam/Daniel, Carolyn Lam; 4112)


Bath Time: Sam likes to play (Sam; 859)

Before Beginning, Prepare Carefully: Literally, a story about kittens (of both the cat and the rabbit variety) (Lam/Vala; 2741)


Big Sky Country: Cam’s starting to realize that getting involved with SG-1 means a whole lot more than just tempting them back (Cam/Daniel, Cam/Daniel/Vala; 4400)

Three's A Crowd: Comfort; comment porn (Cam/Daniel/Jack; ~550)


Learning to Smile: Children learn to smile from their parents ~ Shinichi Suzuki (Lam, Landry; 1000)

Lies I Have To Tell You: When you’re already keeping a secret from your family, keeping a different secret from your colleagues probably shouldn’t be that hard (Lam, Mitchell (section 1); 3818)

Pitch Black: A little local knowledge sometimes comes in handy; otherwise known as the one that takes place almost entirely in total darkness (Mitchell, mal'Doran; 2684)

Wild, Dark Times: It's not exactly what Lorne expected when he signed on to save the world with the SGC; sometimes he thinks that's more a failure of his own imagination, though; set in the Road Not Taken universe (Lorne, Mitchell, 3275)

Stargate crossovers


50 things about John Sheppard and Cam Mitchell: John/Cam, past, present, future; ~5000

A Whole Other Level: Dress blues, superior officers, and the effects of an age gap (John/Jack; 4022)

Age of Minority: For the first couple of days, being unexpectedly sixteen again was actually kind of fun; of course, the fun part didn't last (Cam/John; 14,000)

Almost, But Not Quite: Just because something looks the same, doesn't mean it is (Lorne/Mitchell; 7335)
Six months later
Prequel, Steal The Moment (John/Cam, a bit)

Clarity of Message: John and Cam have a bright idea; Lorne and Davis come around a little more slowly (Sheppard/Mitchell, Lorne/Davis; 1780)

Coffee And Cake: In which John gets promoted, meets the new Air Force liaison officer, and tries to do damage control around his oldest niece (Sheppard/Mitchell; 5598)

Contrails: Life's okay, until you have to remember (John/Cam; 776)

Dreams We Never Expected: Cam's attempt to reach out to John after Sheppard Snr dies ends up going a little differently than he expected; ep-tag for Outcast; contains age-play (17/18) (John/Cam; 5877)

Field Work: There are weirder ways to meet than via mating grouse, broken trucks and possible serial killers. John's life just doesn't include them (Sheppard/Mitchell; 4500)

Future Planning: Happy ending (John/Cam; under 1000 words)

Go West: John gets a phone call he wasn't expecting (one-sided John/Cam; 3667)

Gray Skies Surround Me: He still thinks he’s maybe dreaming, because there’s a man, sitting by his bed. A man in Air Force dress blues, smart, blond, head bent, still pretty, even half turned away; Vegas post-ep (slashy John/Cam; 13,293)

Breaking Clouds: John's first year on SG-5; sequel to Gray Skies (John/Cam; 12,450)
Five years later

Happy Hour: Two pilots walk into a bar…(John/Cam; 4055)

Hello, Don't Go: Lorne's suspicious when he and Sheppard both get Christmas leave on Earth, but he's willing to put his suspicions aside for Christmas with Cam... mostly (Lorne/Mitchell, background John/Ronon implied; ~5000)

Hold On, Here We Go: "What?" Holland had said, shrugging. "Everyone knows you’re the only reason I’m not dead right now. Makes it hard to get rid of you" (John/Cam (John/Holland); 14495)

Home Ground: It’s not that he dislikes SG1, but life in Atlantis isn’t exactly stable at the best of times, and their presence just disrupts things more (Lorne/Mitchell; 3812)

How To Survive The Far Reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy in 5 Easy Steps: When Cam said he wanted to join SG1, he didn't mean he wanted to lead two 10-year veterans of the program, a 300-year old Jaffa and the ex-military commander of Atlantis. Like the Rolling Stones said: you can't always get what you want... (Cam/John; 4080)

Still With Me: How team movie night got started in the 5 Easy Steps universe; time stamp meme fic.

Inevitable: They can't do this here, but they have to do it somewhere (John/Cam; 1873)

Journey's End: Two tags to SGA 504 Daedalus Variations, first the happy one, then the sad one (Cam/John; 3663)

Keep Going: If you're not dead, it can get better (John/Cam; 7600)

Lacertae: “Nothing’s going to go wrong!” Sheppard exclaims. “Walk in our back garden” (Cam/John; 4613)

Like Pegasus Triple A, But With Added Unwarranted Imprisonment: A woman’s voice says, “Please tell me that’s not who I think it is,” and John slumps against the back of Cam’s seat with a groan; sequel to Stranded (Larrin, John/Cam; 5805)

Necessary Precautions: Clandestine (John/Cam; under 1000 words)

Never As Bad As Anticipated (Until It Is): Atlantis wasn't Cam's first choice for reassignment; he probably wasn't Atlantis' first choice for the new expedition leader either. Sometimes you work with what you've got anyway, even if what you've got includes seers, ill-advised rescue missions, replicators, wraith in the city and John Sheppard (John/Cam, Teyla/Kanaan; 72,953)

Two deleted scenes: Doppelganger and Outcast

Never That Easy: “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Cam said when John looked furtively round the bar they were holed up in, waiting for their current client to show up to exchange goods for money, and brought out a series of photos; space pirates verse (Sheppard, Mitchell, Teyla; 3959)

Not So Over: What happens off world... doesn't always stay there (John/Ronon, John/Cam; 12,165)

Peace On Earth: In which romantic gestures are made, SG-1 are taken captive, complaints are lodged, and the SGC is infiltrated (John/Cam; 5137)

Place On Earth: "I’m not planning to get him drunk and take him back to our harem," Cam says. "Dinner, couple of beers, no strings comfort sex, if he wants to. Unless you really don’t want to." Post-Outcast (Cam/Daniel/John; 3646)

Promotion Day: Dress uniforms, high heels and rain storms (Cadman, Lorne/Mitchell; 990)

Say Goodnight: One hour after Promotion Day; time-stamp meme fic.

Recovering An Old Footing: When the Daedalus’ alternate reality drive goes haywire and they all have to abandon the ship, John and Cam set off into the wilds of Pegasus to find Atlantis and get everyone home (Daedalus Variations AU) (John/Cam; 11,581)

Recuperation: In which John is not Cam’s personal slave, trips to tourist attractions are compulsory, and the inevitable does happen, in more ways than one; sequel to Peace on Earth (John/Cam; 3737)

Reunion: John’s starting to wonder if his life is destined to be characterised by Cam Mitchell suddenly appearing behind him; sequel to Happy Hour (John/Cam; 2057)

See Me, Feel Me: Sixteen year old John runs into Cam at a travelling fair. Somehow, that makes it sound easier than it is (John/Cam; 3571)
Short tag fic

Steal The Moment: John winds up in another galaxy, commanding 97 marines, with a memo giving permission for same sex relationships as long as they're discreet and his ex-boyfriend turned civilian deputy commander wanting to *talk* about who John sleeps with;prequel to Almost But Not Quite (John/Cam, a bit; 7166)

Stranded: Ways to relax when you don’t have access to sleeping tablets or warm mild (John/Cam; 2747)

The Year That Was: He wonders sometimes if this is what going on means now, if he’s got the strength left to do it again; Continuum slight-au (Cam/John; 11,390)

Thin Thread Left: People talk about this as a victory, but to John it feels like a defeat; the end of their first decade in the city. WARNING: CHARACTER DEATHS (John/Cam, Lorne/Ronon; 3163)

Two Weeks: ”I’m owed a lot of leave,” Evan said. “I’d like to take some of it, go back to Earth for a couple of weeks” (Lorne/Mitchell; 3728)

Last Cigarette: The start of Lorne and Sheppard's 'thing' from Two Weeks; time stamp meme fic.

Untitled rainy afternoon domestic porn: John/Cam, 700.

Waiting To Believe: I can't be the strong one all the time; written for Transfest 2011 (John/Cam; 1049)

What If I Told You: There is peace and rest and comfort in sorrow ~ Soren Kierkegaard (Cam/John; 2331)

World Without End: If you've got nothing left, is it worth going on? (Cam/John; 7364)

~ Shadows’verse (John/Cam, John in SG1):

Lines in the Dark: John never sees these things coming, even with 8 hours of foreplay; a head injury’s a good excuse, right? 5730

Parallel Arcs (the mutual misunderstandings remix): remix of Lines in the Dark from Cam's pov, by [ profile] skieswideopen; 3700

Spaces in the Light: John says he never sees it coming; what he means is that sometimes he sees it coming but closes his eyes, hoping it won’t see him; 4602

Home Fires: Six months later...; time stamp meme response; 1051

Falling: An off-world accident; comment fic; 719

~ Return’verse (John/Cam):

Past snippets:

Party Time (pre-series)
Message Drift (Irresistible/Pegasus Project)

The Return:

The Morning After
(Mis)Adventures in the Milky Way Galaxy
Fauna Native to P3X 479 (gen companion to (Mis)adventures)
Keep On Living
Early Morning Freak-out
Not One Word
Rolling Away

SGA Season 4 and on-wards:

That Which I Should Never Say
Speak Of This
Not So Over: What happens off world... doesn't always stay there (John/Ronon, John/Cam; 12,165)

Future snippets:

Affection Through Knitwear

~ What Happens Next verse:

What Happens Next: It starts with an email, and John Sheppard on his front doorstep, and just kind of... goes from there (Cam/John; 13860)

Snow Day: There are strange things in the sky (Cam/John, Alex; ~3000)

History: There's a part of John's past that no-one knows, but that he needs Cam to know about; warnings: non-con, past suicide attempts, more detailed warnings on the main post (Cam, John; 2998)

Promises: A year after John moved back to Earth to raise his son with Cam, things are mostly settling down for the three of them. Well, if you don't count childhood memories, estranged brothers, injured ex-colleagues and your best friend's wedding (Cam/John, Keller/McKay, Lorne/Colby, Teyla/Ronon/Kanaan; 40,219)

Ribbon Ceremony: In 2016, after a year in which no-one emerges as a big bad bent on killing and/or enslaving everyone, the IOA goes public about the existence of the stargate program (gen, background pairings; 1703)


Anticipation: Baby's asleep; comment porn (Sam/Teyla; ~750)

Rhythm: Call it a cultural exchange (Vala/Cadman; 355)


Common Threads: While they're stuck on Earth with Atlantis, Cam takes John and Teyla to visit his brother's family (John/Teyla/Cam; 6075)

Life in Three Dimensions: Strange things happen on Earth, especially around Lieutenant Colonel flyboys (Lorne/Sheppard/Mitchell; 8523)

Trick of the Light: John knows better than this, but that's not enough to stop him (O'Neill/Sheppard/Jackson; 5928)


Adjustment Period: When John is forced to stay on Earth after the replicator attack, the SGC sends Sam Carter in his place (Carter, Weir; 4214)

Dysfunction 'verse (SGA, SG1, Numb3rs)

Colby/Lorne first kiss (Colby/Lorne, pre either's appearance on their shows)
Getting to Know You (Lorne+Cadman friendship, pre-Pegasus)
One year later
Every End Is A New Beginning (Simpson/Cadman, SGA The Return)
Redefinition (Lorne/Colby, season 5 SGA, season 5 Numb3rs)
Trick of the Light (John/Jack/Daniel, post SGA season 5, post Continuum)
Keep Going (John/Cam, sequel to TotL)
Reconciliation: (Lorne/Colby, season 5 SGA, season 5 Numb3rs)
The next morning
And So The End (Keller/Rodney break-up fic, season 5 SGA)
Coming Up For Air (John/Cam, post-season 5)



Pyxis (the mariner’s compass): Lost at Sea): Worse things happen at sea, as Daniel’s finding out; Firefly crossover (Daniel/Mal; 6797)


An Octopus Has Three Hearts: Candles, clothes and chocolate cake (Inara/Kaylee/River; 1600)

Crew Manifest: A lot of people didn’t see it, but Zoë had a family, right there (Zoë/Inara, Zoë/Wash; 2108)

Gingerbread: When the crew takes on yet another job for Badger, Zoë’s job turns out to be a little… different (Zoë/Inara; 2956)

Gone: After Shepherd Book, after Miranda, after Wash... it seems to Inara as though the universe owes something to the crew of Serenity, some chance at happiness, or at least not any more misery. The universe itself might even agree, but the universe is populated with human beings who know nothing of what's owing to Serenity, and human beings don't concern themselves with the balance of the universe's scales (Inara/Kaylee (Kaylee/Simon); 15,951)

Wedding Day (the Behind-the-Scenes remix): It takes a village, or at least the population of a small ship (Zoë/Inara, Kaylee/Simon; 1957)


Common Ground: Waiting is the hardest part (Wash, Simon; 623)

Irregular (the dawn to dusk remix): 'Bout a month ago we spent a whole week near your sort of planets and your shuttle didn’t once leave the ship (Inara, Mal, Kaylee; 1412)

Isolation: Strange passengers, engine malfunctions, inappropriate remarks from Jayne… situation normal on Serenity (Kaylee; 4522)

Protective Urges: Mal keeps having words with the boys she likes and Kaylee keeps wondering why (Mal+Kaylee friendship; 2159)

Scavengers: Not long after Kaylee joins the crew, she and Mal go scavenging on a not-so-deserted planet (Mal+Kaylee friendship; 3436)

Whirl: Mal, Kaylee and River at a carnival (1235)

Generation Kill

Change Unchanging: Harvard's nothing like Iraq, but Nate's still having trouble letting go (Nate/Brad,Nate/OC; ~7000)

Getting It: Brad's home from the Royal Marines, Poke's back in the civilian world with his wife and kids, and Ray's in a rock band. Either everything's changed or nothing has (Brad/Ray; ~4000)

Hold Still (Let The Earth Move You): Some people say the shooting’s the hard part, some people say it’s coming home. No-one ever mentions the routine and drudgery in the middle, how hard it is to keep going forward when it doesn’t feel any different to standing still; sort of prequel to Seagulls and Sand (Nate/Brad; ~4200)

Seagulls and Sand: Nate's half-tempted, sometimes, to call up Mike and ask if he’s created his and Brad’s easy vibe out of thin air and memory, because they’re stilted and full of awkward silence on the phone; post-series (Nate/Brad; 3634)

Hawaii Five-O


Building Family: Steve's coming home, and Jenna and Kono are making their own home (Chin/Steve, Jenna/Kono; 3960)

Here I Am, Here You Are: Three conversations Chin wouldn't have had if he hadn't started sleeping with Steve McGarrett (Chin/Steve; 1938)

Home For Christmas: Grace is spending Christmas with Danny this year, and Mary wants to come home (Steve/Danny; 2737)


Alchemy Hour: alchemy hour: the period of time when a surfer enjoys the best a swell has to offer; or extracts from an interview between Diva magazine and Kono Kalakaua (Kono, Kono/OFC, pre-Kono/Jenna; 2957)

Building Family: Steve's coming home, and Jenna and Kono are making their own home (Chin/Steve, Jenna/Kono; 3960)

Chemisstry: Undercover in a dyke bar (Kono/Jenna; 1687)

Just Drifting: Kono wants to stay asleep, but Steph's wide awake. It's all about the compromise (MtF!Kono/cis-female!Steve; 851)

Just Say...: Jenna and Kono, drugged in a hammock (Kono/Jenna; 1040)

Shore Leave: Small world, similar types of partners, it was bound to happen eventually (Catherine/Kono, Steve/Catherine; 2736)


Baby Steps: Steve's in prison for seven months; it's the two months after that are going to change everything (Danny/Rachel, pre-Danny/Rachel/Steve; 7182)

Shore Leave: Small world, similar types of partners, it was bound to happen eventually (Catherine/Kono, Steve/Catherine; 2736)


Childhood Memories: she's never had a friend who didn't know before Danny (Kono, team; 1206)

Leave No Man Behind: A test, an escape, a rescue. Family (goes au towards the end of episode 2.10) (Steve, Jenna; 1668)

Light At The End Of The Tunnel: The first time Catherine meets Steve, he's a voice on the other end of the radio, asking for her help (Catherine, Steve; 3205)

Princess (the fairy tale remix): Once upon a time, there lived a princess, and her name was Mary. Princess Mary lived with her brother, Prince Steve, and her mother and father, the King and Queen, in a beautiful palace on a beach in the land of Hawai'i (Kono/Mary-Ann; 1677)



5 crossovers Colby Granger was never in: I used to know this guy... (multi-fandom crossover, several pairings and some gen; 2155)

Aftermath: After the events of Chinese Box, Colby insists on taking David home (David/Colby; 2121)

Down The Rabbit Hole: Some days are just not worth the effort of getting out of bed; x-over with SGA and SG1; sequel to 5 crossovers... (Colby/Lorne, past Colby/Daniel; 10,000)

Man In Motion: When the offer to transfer to Washington after the spy thing comes through, Colby decides, not completely un-influenced by a certain other person, to take it, hoping it will be a good way to put everything that happened in LA behind him (Colby, Megan, David, Colby/David; 23,000)

Misadventure: On an otherwise normal week, something unexpected crashes into Charlie’s life; CSI: Miami crossover (Charlie/Speed; 7422)

Redefinition: You can't always rely on someone you trusted, but you can always rely on your friends, even if it is just to tell you that you've been an idiot; x-over with SGA (Colby/Lorne; 6790)

Reconciliation: Lorne goes to LA and his boyfriend when he ends up on medical leave; sequel to Redefinition (Colby/Lorne, 5353)


Don’t Have To Tell: The trouble with FBI agents is, they tend to figure things out (Colby, David; 4383)

Sense of Touch: The first thing Amita noticed about Charlie was his hands (Amita, mild Amita/Charlie; 1582)

The West Wing


Agreeing to the Impossible: Sam decides the West Wing’s not for him, but politics might still be. Good thing he knows a guy (Sam/Will UST; 3760)

All Roads Lead to the White House: Joannie, the Oval Office, hope; Josh’s first days on the Bartlet campaign (John/Leo, John/CJ; 1959)

Complicity: Being a master thief is supposed to be such a glamorous way of life (various pairings; 8409)


5 Dresses Donna Owns: A little look into Donna’s closet. Five dresses and their places in her world (Donna/OFC, Donna/Bonnie; 2535)

Fear-Based Responses: Too far away to do anything, too close not to want to; companion to Love, Vanished and Renewed (Gina/Ellie; 1828)

Love, Vanished and Renewed: It’s a little like starting over, and a little like never letting go (Ellie/Gina; 2300)

Midnight Ballroom: A little bit of the inauguration ball we never got to see, through Ginger’s eyes (Ginger/Bonnie; 1997)

New Year’s Resolutions: Ellie’s always trusted Zoey to have her best interests at heart (Zoë, Ellie/Gina; 1140)

Reality: CJ wants to believe what she’s seeing is real, but she’s always been a realist (CJ/Abbey; 1254)

Sea Breeze: Two women walk into a bar (Andy Wyatt/Ellie; 1641)


Going Home: Somewhere we used to live; future-fic (Ellie, Jed; 1030)

Life Less Ordinary: It's Amy Gardner who first puts the idea out there (CJ; 3546)

Mother-Daughter: Ellie hasn't been back to New Hampshire in years – not since before Laura was born – but when she walks out of the lawyer's office, Laura's hand in hers, there's nowhere else she wants to be (Ellie, Abbey; 2644)

Moving Forwards, Going Back: CJ’s not sure Sam knows why she’s asked him to meet her (CJ, Sam; 1265)

The Bartlet Girls: President Jed Bartlet has three daughters: Elizabeth, Eleanor and Zoey (Ellie; 1747)

Traveling On: Ron Butterfield asks her, when he puts her in charge of Zoey Bartlet's security detail after the bar incident, why she wants this post (Gina, Zoey; 3769)

CSI (New York, Miami, Vegas)


3am, Wide Awake: Unable to sleep, Danny runs and thinks; CSI:NY (Danny/Mac; 2796)

Making It Through: Some days, he wakes up and thinks he might make it; CSI:M (Speed/Delko pre-slash; 2753)

Misadventure: On an otherwise normal week, something unexpected crashes into Charlie’s life; CSI:M/Numb3rs crossover (Charlie/Speed; 7422)


5 Christmases Aiden and Sara Could Have Had: The way things might have been, and the way they are; CSI/CSI:NY crossover (Aiden/Sara; 1550)

Life Changing Events: Big things, little things, and breakfast for two; CSI (Catherine/Sara; 2697)

Long Distance: Danny’d rather act out his responsibilities as a CSI than as a best friend; CSI/CSI:NY crossover; sequel to Worth Staying For (Danny, Sara/Aiden; 1707)

On The Ice: “I feel like Bambi,” Aiden said; CSI:NY (Aiden/Stella; 1245)

Quitting: Sofia gets called to a dead body at a strip club; CSI, pre-series/au (Catherine/Sofia; 3305)

Somewhere Better Than Nowhere: “You know, two miles that way,” Sara says, pointing out the front window with the swab in her hand, “and this wouldn’t even be our case”; CSI (Sara/Sofia; 3398)

Worth Staying For: It’s like punishment and redemption, all rolled into one; CSI:NY/CSI crossover (Aiden/Sara; 7395)


Bet On It: Echoes of a bad break-up, an out-of-jurisdiction case, a CSI under suspicion, a missing baby and a frosty welcome in the desert: all in all, Speed’s starting to wish he’d stayed in Miami; CSI:M/CSI crossover (Speed, Sara, Catherine; 4675)

Vodka and Cake: Aiden’s not sure what prompted her to do this; CSI:NY (Aiden, Danny; 1517)

Miscellaneous Fandoms

Center Stage:

Changement: Life with the American Ballet Company (Eva Rodriguez; ~2000)

Criminal Minds:

Light, Not Darkness: After the Shrader case, Emily just wants to fall asleep next to her girlfriend (Prentiss/Todd; 1738)

Breakfast In Bed: Jordan enacts a classic relationship cliche: breakfast in bed, complete with syrup; sequel to Light, Not Darkness (Prentiss/Tod; 597)

Due South:

All That Lies Between Us: Ray’s sure he’s right – pretty sure he’s right. Now he just needs the perfect plan (Ray K/Fraser; 3669)

Roses Are Red: 'Roses are blue, violets are red, I hear that one more time, I’ll kick ya in the head.' 'I think it’s the roses, not the violets that are red, actually, Ray’ (Ray K/Fraser; 3527)


Hot Seat: Sometimes, it needs a while to take (Matt/Mohinder; 1000)

Imagine Me and You:

Hydrangeas: It’s over, but think well of me (Heck, H, Rachel, Rachel/Luce; ~4000)


A Little Understanding: A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Best your enemies learn that early (Morgana, Merlin; 4027)


Have Gun, Will Travel, or 5 places G Callen moved out of: G's never spent much time remembering the places he leaves; it's easier now he's got people to hang them on (Team, slight G/Sam; 2696)

Star Trek Reboot:

Behind Closed Doors: Negotiation's not just good for diplomatic crises (McCoy/Kirk (Kirk/Gaila; 967)

Mix It Up: Five Starfleet Academy students in a bar, with unresolved sexual tension and alcohol. Sounds like the start to a bad joke (Sheppard/Kirk, Emmagan/Uhura; 2764)

Passing Thoughts: McCoy likes to watch; acquiring telepathy just makes it *better* (McCoy/Kirk/Spock; 1538)

Sharing: ftm!McCoy & Kirk, even when the physical transition is easy, explaining it to your best friend when that best friend is Jim Kirk? Not so much (McCoy/Kirk; 1539)


One Wild Night: Dean hates Pasadena, but there’s a chance it might grow on him; xover with Atlantis (Dean/Lorne; 3859)


Don't Ask, Don't Tell: He thinks that he cares for her, he trusts her, and that it won't be easy, but it will be worth it (Brendan+Freya friendship; 3,136)

White Collar:

Black Fedora: The first time Diana meets her, Nola Caffrey is wearing a black fedora and a man's dark suit (cis-female Neal) (pre-Diana/Nola; 827)

Expectations: Neal's attempt to get June's grand-daughter back on the transplant list falls victim to the crime of acting suspiciously while being black (Neal, June; 1680)

Transformative Works: After three years, Neal's up for parole and things start to change (Neal/Elizabeth/Peter; 3540)


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