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Friday, March 26th, 2010 09:27 pm
The morning after Reconciliation (Colby/Lorne):

"Did I fall asleep?" Evan asked when he blinked his way to consciousness the next morning.

"Something like that," Colby agreed. He was smiling, looked like he'd been awake for a while, though he was still curled under the sleeping bag, warm against Evan's side. "You okay?"

Evan yawned, annoyed with it. "Yeah." His shoulder ached, same as it always did in the mornings, but he felt more relaxed than he usually did when he woke up. Something else swam through his memory. "Was David here?"

Colby laughed. "No, voicemail. You have good hearing."

"You need to go back?" Evan asked, a little surprised at how the thought made his stomach clench with worry.

Colby must have picked it up, because he frowned slightly. "No, he just wanted to complain about our resident mathematician taking over coaching the basketball team."

"At the FBI?"

"At Cal Sci. Don't ask." Colby shifted closer, wrapping an arm around Evan's waist and resting his head on Evan's shoulder. Evan echoed the gesture, holding Colby against him. The night before was sort of blurred, but he thought he remembered freaking out from a nightmare, Colby being there. The thought of going back to spending the night alone really didn't appeal.

"So," Colby said, sounding awkward. When Evan tipped his head to look at him, Colby looked down, not meeting Evan's eyes. "I don't know what plans you made for the rest of your leave…"

When nothing else appeared to be forthcoming, Evan said, "I promised Laura and Jeanette I'd have dinner with them one night."

"Right," Colby said. "So, you're not going back to Colorado Springs?"

"I wasn't planning on it," Evan said, hesitant. They hadn't talked about where he'd stay, and normally they wouldn't need to, it would be assumed that Colby would put him up, but maybe he shouldn't have assumed. "I can crash at Laura's."

"If you want," Colby said. He'd gone very still.

"I hadn't thought about it," Evan said honestly.

"Sure," Colby said. "I don't want to make assumptions."

Evan had a sudden and disturbing image of Colby getting even more formal and starting to call him Major Lorne, and had to stifle the urge to giggle. He nudged Colby away until he could meet Colby's eyes and said, "Can I stay with you, please?"

"Of course," Colby said, sounding relieved, then, "If you want to. You don't have to because you think I'll be offended."

Evan took a deep breath before he said something about how, since Colby had been the one who cheated, Evan was the one who got to freak out about things, not him. It was a pointless comment, and anyway, in Colby's place, he'd probably be as nervous. "I want to stay with you. Trust me, it's preferable to a week of innuendo from Laura. Anyway, most of my things are there."

"Oh," Colby said softly. Evan couldn't tell what he was thinking, except that it was something good. "Good, then."

"Yeah. So, now we're done with that, either coffee or more sleep."

Colby propped himself up on one elbow and traced his other hand down the center of Evan's chest. "We don't have an option three?"

"Thought you'd never ask," Evan said, pulling him close.

A year after Gone Native (John/Ronon):

"This was a bad idea," Ronon said, crouched behind a group of rocks while Wraith darts zipped overhead.

John fingered his blaster (retrieved from a secret store that he was still bitter about Ronon not letting him in on before) and contemplated making a run for that gate. "It was your idea," he pointed out.

"I said there was a rumor of a crashed Ancient ship here," Ronon corrected. "You're the one who said we should come."

John turned away from the darts for a moment, just to give Ronon an incredulous look. "I must be misremembering you saying 'hell yeah' to it."

"For the love of whichever god you choose," Larrin said suddenly in his ear piece, liberated from the crash box on the alpha site and fitted to the Travelers' radios. "Can you at least turn off the radios before you have your lovers' tiffs?"

Ronon snorted in amusement.

"It's a tactical debate," John said.

"Right," Larrin said, and John still couldn't tell, after a year with her crew, if she was faking the tolerance or the annoyance. "It looks like the darts are landing, and the ring just shut down, so maybe save the debate for when you're through the gate?"

John didn't need to look at Ronon to feel him tensing for the run – who knew all it would take was a couple of years of slapping down Wraith ships from an Ancient spaceship to curb his urge to go after every Wraith on the ground? And the irony was, they were good at it, the Travelers and John and Ronon, better than Atlantis had been. Better than the Ancients, still in the city. Not that they tried.

"Roger that," John said – some habits didn’t break easily.

Larrin laughed at him, but said, "We’ll stay in orbit till you're through, pick you up with the hyper-drive." She hesitated, then said, "Go, now."

Even after two years without them, it was weird to be making a run for the gate without Rodney and Teyla there with them. One of those things that would never get normal, never stop making his heart hurt a little, even when he was mostly distracted by running for his life. Again.

Still catching their breath on the other side of the gate, the first thing John heard was Katana's voice in his headset. "You did get the parts, right?"

"We're fine, thanks for asking," John said, but Ronon grinned at him and said, "Yeah. Plus some extra."


Back on the ship that night, John curled into Ronon in their curtained off alcove, loose and relaxed from some truly amazing 'hey, we didn't die,' sex. Ronon cupped the back of his neck, pulled the blankets up around them, made a small contented noise, the kind that never failed to make John smile. God knew this wasn't what the recruiter had meant when he'd said, "Join the Air Force, travel to places you never imagined," but John found it hard to imagine being anywhere else, even Atlantis.

"Larrin's planning to stop over with the colony of Dresner next," Ronon said, voice low – if John had thought Atlantis, or Air Force barracks, were open, they had nothing on the ship, where people were walking three feet from their heads, courtesy of massive over-crowding.

"With the herds of giant, wild rabbits?" John asked.

Ronon nodded. "They'll be on the other side of the planet."

"That doesn't help," John said. He thought about it for a moment, trying to picture the star map. "Isn't that near New Athos?"

Ronon patted the back of John's head in a way that reminded him of Rodney, like he still loved John despite John being incurably slow. "Yeah. She said she'd drop us off, pick us up after."

John hid his grin in Ronon's shoulder. They hadn't been to New Athos in nearly two months. "Wait a minute. What does she want in return?"

Ronon tucked John closer to him, an unmistakable invitation to go to sleep. "I'll tell you later."

A year after Getting To Know You (Lorne, Cadman, post-Coup D'Etat):

"Okay, wait a minute," Laura said, holding up both hands. "A secret passage? Seriously?"

Lorne leaned back in his desk chair until it tilted, and grinned at her. Laura knew she was grinning like an idiot in response, but she didn't care, because he'd been *dead*, she'd seen what was supposed to be his body, and now she was sitting in his office with her feet on his desk and a packet of peanut M&Ms between them, just like normal. "That's the thing you have a problem with? That we escaped through a secret passage?"

"It sounds like something out of an Agatha Christie novel," she grumbled. "Did you have to tap for a hollow wall panel to access it?"

"Actually, there was a code that had to be tapped against a particular panel. One wrong sequence and a trap door would have dropped us into a pit of alligators."

"It really bothers me that I believed you until the alligators," Laura said.

"Kind of bothers me as well, actually," Lorne agreed.

"Did you just call me gullible?"

"I think you called yourself gullible. I just agreed."

"I meant it bothers me that you lie that well," Laura said, though she hadn't, really.

"It didn't bother you when I was using it to convince the cannibals on P3X 696 that I was your husband."

"I'm strangely more lenient when it means I'm not going to be cooked and eaten," Laura said with a shrug, bending herself in half to reach for the candy bag and shake some out, then offer it to Lorne. "Though I think Dr Metcalfe might have believed you for real."

"Really?" Lorne said, almost comically worried.

"Thanks," Laura said, rolling her eyes. Unfortunately, unlike some of the men on base, he didn't start babbling at the implication that she was insulted, just raised one eyebrow – they knew each other far too well for something that easy. Laura shrugged back – he sort of knew about her love life the same way she sort of knew about his, but they kept those conversations out of the office, or uniforms. Plus, she didn't want to tell him that she hadn't managed to send the email she'd promised to send if he was killed, hadn’t been able to take what felt like a final step in accepting that he was really gone.

"Hey," Lorne said quietly, leaning forward.

"What?" Laura asked, even though her smile felt strained, her throat tight.

"Don't start crying," Lorne said. "I'm throwing you out if you do. Sheppard has a rule."

"A rule about me crying in your office?"

"A rule about anyone crying in the military command's offices. Ever since Private Johnson had a nervous breakdown in the middle of a performance review."

"Really?" Laura asked. She remembered hearing that he'd gone back to Earth again, but that really seemed like gossip that would have gotten around the base, or at least to her via Lorne.

"You were being held captive by the people who thought Sergeant Li was a demon," Lorne said helpfully.

"Good riddance to him then," Laura said, then, when Lorne looked at her curiously, "If he can't hold it together through a minor off-world crisis, he'd never have coped if the Wraith showed up."

"I suppose that's one way of looking at it," Lorne agreed, and Laura spread her hands in a gesture of acceptance.

They crunched their way through the last of the M&Ms in comfortable silence, but Lorne was starting to look tired, even though he was doing his best to hide it.

"Come on," Laura said, standing up and balling the candy bag. "Time for good little Air Force majors to be in bed."

"You know, I've never thought you were all that like my mother before…" Lorne said, standing up anyway.

"You'll have to do better than that," Laura said. "Your mom sounds great."

"She is."

"So, pretend I'm her and do as you're told."

"General Landry just felt the urge to tell someone off and has no idea why," Lorne said dryly.

"I get an exemption," Laura said cheerfully. "On the grounds of news of your demise being greatly exaggerated."

Lorne said the last couple of words with her, and grinned. "I bet you've been waiting to say that since I walked through the gate."

Since before, really, or at least hoping, but she wasn't going to start crying in front of Lorne, which was where thoughts of his burned up body always led. She shrugged, then stopped, just in front of the closed door. Lorne was very close when she turned around, obviously not having expected her to stop. He opened his mouth like he was going to ask what was wrong, but she hugged him before he could.

He froze for a moment, then unbent again and returned it, holding her close. "Sorry," he said in her ear.

"Yeah," she said, choking up again. "Don't do that to me again."

"I'll try." He held on for another moment, then let go.

Laura touched the door control, leading them out into the corridor. "Although," she said over her shoulder. "The pictures of you guys in Genii dress almost make it worth it."

Five years after Breaking Clouds (John/Cam, Cadman, Vala):

The first thing John sees when he wakes up is the infirmary ceiling. Since he can't remember what happened to put him in there, that can't be a good thing.

"Hello," Cadman says, somewhere to his left. He turns his head carefully, since nothing hurts yet, and sees her sitting in one of the uncomfortable visitors' chairs, a magazine open on her knee. She's in her base uniform, which means John was out of it for a while – her team was due back the day after his – but she doesn't look too worried.

"Hey," he says. His voice comes out scratchy, which is weird. "You okay?"

"Hey, Doc," Cadman calls, not looking away. "No need to worry, he's fine."

Dr Lam comes over, glaring at Cadman. "Did you get a medical license that I'm not aware of?"

"No, but he's asking if I'm all right," Cadman says, like this makes sense.

"Is Cam around?" John asks, trying for casual.

Lam looks up at him, then back to Cadman, smiling. "Yeah, okay, he's fine."


Vala turns up while Lam's halfway through her exam, leaning in to hug John around his neck. She smells of strawberry shampoo, and she's in jeans and a green shirt. "Date?" John asks when she pulls back.

"Would I go off gallivanting while my team leader was unconscious in the infirmary?" Vala asks, mock-wounded.

"Yes," Cadman says, but she's smiling. John was never sure if the two of them were dating, or sleeping together, or just good friends, but it doesn't seem to bother Cadman that Vala's spending more and more time with a paralegal in her apartment block.

"Well, all right, yes I would, but in this case I wasn't." Vala sits on the foot of the bed so Lam can go back to checking John's pupils and taking his temperature and generally making him feel about twelve. "Is he all right?"

"He's right here," John points out, and Vala taps his foot.

"He's fine," Lam says, then, "You're fine," to John. "You probably don't remember what happened?" John shakes his head.

"You and Lieutenant Morgan were taken in the market place," Vala says. "They drugged you with something to make you forget who you were, but it made you forget what was happening instead."

"Oops," John says dryly. "Morgan?"

"He woke up yesterday." Vala pats John's foot again. "Dr Chen wanted to visit, but O'Neill sent her off-world on some sort of emergency diplomatic mission."

"Also, she says you owe her for having to be involved in a dramatic rescue on her first mission," Cadman adds.

"You can talk," John says. "We had to come rescue your whole team, the first time you went out as team leader."

"And a very nice job of it you did too," Cadman says cheerfully. She'd had her own team for two years, from right after she got promoted at the same time as O'Neill started setting up teams with O-4s in charge, to take on some of the follow-up missions without immediate scientific value.

"Glad to know someone appreciates us," Cam drawls from the doorway, and John feels himself break into an idiotic grin that makes Lam laugh.

"Hey," he says.

"I leave for ten minutes and that's when you wake up?" Cam asks. He comes over to the side of John's bed, touches his shoulder. They're actually safe now, not even breaking the fraternization rules since John got his own team, but they're neither of them much for public displays of affection. "I can't let you out of my sight for five minutes."

"I can pass out again if it would make you feel better," John offers, though he actually feels fine.

"Not really." Cam rubs his shoulder again, then steps back. "He okay?"

"Still right here," John grumbles.

"Yes," Lam says. "But I'm going to run a couple of tests, just to be on the safe side, and I'm sure you've all got better places to be than here."

She's got everyone very well trained – Cadman and Vala don't even make a token argument, just hug him again and follow Lam out. No-one mentions that Cam hasn't left, and Vala pulls the curtain closed.

Cam sits on the edge of John' bed and takes his hand. "You said you'd be careful."

"I was," John says, fairly sure this is true. "Anyway, I had Vala with me."

"You think you could clone her so I could have one?" Cam asks. He looks tired, now John can look at him properly.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," Cam says. "It's just weird without you guys." He smiles, and it warms John all the way through, how proud Cam is of him for his promotion back to Major, for getting his own team, even if he did get captured their first time out.

"It's got some perks though," he says, and tugs on Cam's hand until they're close enough to kiss.

Six months after Almost, But Not Quite (Lorne/alternate!Mitchell, possible Sheppard/Mitchell):

The first person Evan sees when he steps into Atlantis is Colonel Sheppard. Which isn't that unusual, except that the person stepping through the wormhole behind him is also Colonel Sheppard.

Mitchell, halfway across the gate room to meet them, comes to a slightly skidding halt and says, "Ah," looking awkward.

"Ah?" Mitchell's Sheppard echoes, turning to him, amused and annoyed, same way Evan's seen his own Sheppard look at McKay sometimes. "Big diplomatic leader of the city, and that's what you've got to say?"

Mitchell shrugs, looking like he's about to start laughing. "What do you want from me? He's not supposed to be here. Come to that, you're not supposed to be here."

"I could leave," Mitchell's Sheppard offers. He looks more relaxed than Evan's ever seen his own Sheppard look, and that's kind of hard to realize, because he's always thought that Sheppard's okay in the city, that he knows he can rely on his team and Woolsey and Evan but… maybe not so much.

"No, I don't think so," Mitchell says with an evil smile that Evan absolutely doesn't think is hot. "You have some freakish ability to avoid running into your doubles all the time, you can suffer through it for once."

"I could go," Sheppard says. Everyone turns to look at him then, and he gives them an awkward wave. "Hi. I guess I don't need to introduce myself."

The other Sheppard rolls his eyes, looks at Mitchell like he's seeking permission, then wanders out of the gate room. Mitchell watches him leaving, then shakes his head. "Ignore him. Welcome to Atlantis. Well, this Atlantis."

Sheppard keeps looking in the direction the other Sheppard went, kind of awkward, and Evan can't exactly blame him – he doesn't have the best history with meeting his doubles, unlike Evan, who never has and would happily keep it that way. He shakes Mitchell's hand willingly though. "Sorry about the change. We've got the IOA in residence, getting out of the city is a bit more difficult right now."

"I gathered," Mitchell says. They scheduled this trip after Evan brought Woolsey with him on his second visit to the other universe, on purpose this time. Sheppard was supposed to be with them then, but he got food poisoning instead.

"Also, we didn't exactly tell them we were coming here," Sheppard adds, and Evan blinks, instead of staring like he wants to, because Sheppard doesn't tell strangers things, even impersonal things like that, and here he is, talking to Mitchell like he's a friend, like Sheppard knows him.

Or a version of him, at least, and, oh God, that is absolutely not where Evan wants his mind to go.

"Well, their loss is our gain," Mitchell says easily. "We're a bit behind, we've had a couple of crises to deal with. I was hoping we could push the meeting back to this afternoon?" He looks at Evan as he says it, then back to Sheppard at the last moment, just as Sheppard's turning to look at Evan.

"Sure," Sheppard says, a little doubtful. Evan's really starting to suspect he might regret this trip.

"Great," Mitchell says with a grin. "I thought I might borrow Lorne here, if you don't object, ask a couple of questions about that mission he flew for us, but we might interest you in a jumper ride? Zelenka's team's been working on tweaking all manner of things, our Sheppard got pretty excited."

Evan can feel Sheppard looking at him, and keeps his eyes firmly fixed on the bottom step up to the control balcony.

"Always happy to loan Lorne out," Sheppard says finally, a world of innuendo in his voice. "Especially for a jumper ride."

"Great," Mitchell says, sounding kind of choked. He touches his earpiece. "Sheppard, if you're finished throwing your little fit, you want to take the souped up jumper out?" He waits. "Great, I thought so. I'm gonna send you a co-pilot."

Evan can hear Sheppard sputtering for a moment, before Mitchell taps his earpiece off, the evil grin back. "Colonel? I assume that meets with your approval?"

In what might be a totally unique moment, Sheppard visibly bites back the urge to say something smart in response, and just nods. "Jumper bay where it should be?" he asks, heading off as soon as Evan nods.

"That was cruel," Evan says when he's out of earshot.

Mitchell shrugs. "They deserve each other. In every possible way." He tips his head to the opposite corridor. "Come on. We've probably only got an hour before they start trying to kill each other."

Evan falls into step with him. "No time to waste, then."

Saturday, March 27th, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)
Hee! N'awww, I love time-stamp fic :) I really like the glimpse of the Gone Native 'verse, with John and Ronon teamed up with Larrin in the fight against the Wraith. And of course I always love more Gray Skies 'verse. But all of these are delightful!
Monday, March 29th, 2010 05:50 pm (UTC)
Ha! Thanks for writing these. I love the idea of dueling Sheppards bickering over who gets to do the flying.
Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 06:08 pm (UTC)
They were all fantastic, but "Friday Morning In A Tent" really hit the spot. Wish I could give more constructive, or coherent feedback, but I've just my exam timetable, so I'm guilty at writing this instead of revising, as it is.

Regardless, I loved it. And am left wanting to see option 3 too :D
Friday, August 27th, 2010 08:08 am (UTC)
Loved the continuation of Gone Native. I'd love you to write more of the adventures of these 2 in the Pegasus Galaxy. What a riot they would be!