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Sunday, August 8th, 2010 01:31 pm
From the make me guess which of my fics a line comes from meme (which you currently have a pretty good chance at besting me on, since I'm only half awake!):

Necessary Precautions: prompt Cam/John, clandestine, for [personal profile] skieswideopen, future fic

John's almost through security and out of the mountain when Dr Jackson catches up to him. "Colonel Sheppard, I was hoping you might have a minute to -"

He's already turning back, like he expects John to follow him, and John's late. "Sorry, Doc. Maybe tomorrow."

"You've -" Jackson looks at John, takes in his jeans and shirt, the car keys in his hand. "You're leaving."

"Yes," John says. Then he puts on his very best innocent face and lies: "Nothing like six months in another galaxy to make you crave ice cream."

"Of course," Jackson says. He looks half a second away from launching into some sort of lecture about this, or maybe a reminiscence about the year he spent living on another planet, a decade and a half ago.

"We can talk tomorrow," John promises, before Jackson can start, and high-tails it out of there.

He finds his car, bought during their six weeks back on Earth, tucked in the far corner of the lot, and does a couple of circuits around the neighborhood, checking for anyone following him, before he turns right and heads for the road he really wants.

Mindful of the lie he told Jackson, he stops at an ice cream parlor on his way and buys a double chocolate cone. The first taste makes it less of a lie – now he has it, he really misses real ice cream.

He parks in an underground lot a couple of blocks away from where he's going, nicely surrounded by SGC personnel apartments, a couple doors down from a bar and in walking distance of a hotel, trying not to feel too foolish as he does it.

He's really running late by then, so he forgoes an on-foot circuit around the block, just heads straight for the building he wants and buzzes the intercom. "It's me," he says as soon as it connects, and the door clicks open without a response.

He bypasses the elevator, buzzing with anticipation after six months apart, and takes the stairs two at a time to the third floor. The familiar, nondescript apartment door opens just as he hits the landin, and Cam sticks his head out, smiling. "Colonel Sheppard," he says, holding out a hand.

John bites his lip to keep from laughing at how absurd this feels and shakes Cam's hand. "Colonel Mitchell. Thanks for the offer of a guest bed."

"No problem," Cam says. He checks both ways down the corridor, then tugs John inside, nudges the door closed with his foot and pushes John up against it to kiss him stupid. John just holds on for the ride – literally, since Cam's still holding his hand, and John really has no desire to let go.

"You know," he says, when they eventually break apart. "We'd have something like a whole extra half hour together if I didn't go through all that first."

Cam shrugs, grinning. "Rituals should be observed."

"Pointless rituals," John emphasizes, skipping over the part where, even when they were necessary, they made him feel paranoid and silly. "This has been officially within the rules for a year and a half."

"Yeah," Cam says, pressing close to John again, "But I know how you like to pretend you're a maverick, breaking all the rules. I'm just helping you keep up the illusion."

"For completely selfless reasons," John half asks, raising an eyebrow.

Cam doesn't even bother faking repentance, just nudges John's legs apart so he can feel Cam's 'selfless reasons.' "I like the anticipation," he says.

John's not going to argue with that one. "I like the part we're waiting for," he says.

On that, they're in complete agreement.

Reception: prompt John/Cam + Colby/Lorne, being around fellow canon characters and not having to hide their relationship, for [personal profile] fyrefly101, set in the What Happens Next verse

John and Cam leave Teyla, Ronon and Kanaan chatting to Sam and wander in the general direction of the reception room. John keeps one eye open for Alex, can't help it, even though he's with Torren, and knows more than half of the people here.

"Cadman's got him," Cam says, reading John's mind, as usual, and jerking his head in the direction of a large circular table.

John follows his gaze and spots Torren standing on the chair next to her, Alex sitting on the table, Cadman's hand on his back while she says something to Vala, who's arranging her skirt so she can sit down. Both kids are intent on coloring something. "Did we bring crayons?" John asks.

"Do we ever not?" Cam counters. He pats his pockets and pulls out a small pack. "Apparently, we've trained our friends very well."

John gets distracted before he can say anything to that, watching a guy come over to the table, touch Lorne's shoulder and hand him a glass. Lorne looks up at him and smiles, and the guy leans over him to kiss Vala's cheek and shake Cadman's hand. "You know him?" he asks Cam.

"I'm going to take a wild guess and say he's the FBI agent boyfriend," Cam says dryly.

"I thought he couldn't make it," John says.

Cam laughs. "You do realize that I've spent pretty much every waking moment of the last two days with you, right? So I'm the worst person to fish for hints from."

"I'm not -" John starts, then gives it up for a bad job. "Come on, let's go say hello."

"You're not allowed to threaten him with bodily harm if he hurts Evan," Cam says firmly, taking John's hand. John squeezes back for a second, absolutely sure he's grinning like an idiot, and not really caring all that much. His best friend is getting married, he's in a room with pretty much everyone he cares about in two galaxies, and he can hold Cam's hand. He feels pretty good.

"I'm pretty sure Cadman's got that covered," he says.

"That'd do it," Cam agrees.

Alex looks up then and spots them, immediately trying to scramble down. Cadman and Lorne's guy reach for him at the same moment, Alex wriggles, and for a moment, John's sure he's going to fall. Instead, Lorne's guy catches him, pulls him in close and holds him there.

"I guess this one's yours," he says as John gets close, Alex already reaching out for him.

"Yeah," John says, willing his heart to stop pounding as he lifts Alex up and lets him cling to John. "Thanks."

The guy ducks his head, half-turning to look at Lorne, who leaps in before the moment can even think about getting awkward. "Colby, my old CO, John Sheppard, and Cameron Mitchell, his partner. Alex's parents. Um, this is Colby Granger."

"His boyfriend," Vala puts in brightly.

"Yeah, thanks, Vala," Lorne says, going bright red.

"Good to meet you," Cam says, shaking Colby's hand when he stands up.

"You too," Colby says, and John can hear where he didn't say sir. He'd put money, now, on Colby and Lorne having met while Colby was still in whatever branch of the military he was in.

Colby half-turns to John, then drops his hand, smiling slightly. John can't shake hands with Alex in his arms, but Alex is over his moment of clinginess, twisting to see what's going on around him. "Alex, did you meet Evan's friend already?"

Alex nods solemnly, gives Colby a tiny wave. Colby waves back, his smile turning into a full-blown, sweet grin. Lorne's watching, slightly cautious, but also clearly half-listening to Cadman and Vala, letting Colby fend for himself amongst Lorne's friends. "He's a good kid," Colby says.

"Thanks," John says. "And for not dropping him."

Colby waves it away. "I can make a run to the bar if you like. Since you've got your hands full."

Alex immediately starts trying to wriggle down. "I'm drawing," he says firmly.

"Guess not," John says. "Cam?"

Cam nods, taking the seat next to Lorne.

"White wine, thank you, John," Vala says. She slides a glance over to Cadman and adds, "Make that two."

"I hope you're planning to tip," John tells her, which she predictably ignores, and leaves them to it to head over to the bar.

Waiting to be served, he leans on the bar and watches the table. Or, really, watches Colby, who's watching Lorne as he and Cam have a very involved looking conversation about something. Colby's frowning slightly, and when Lorne shifts, makes an uncomfortable face, he rests one hand on Lorne's hip, smooths his hand over where John knows it hurts worst.

John decides he can probably forgo any threats of pain and torture. He really can't see Colby hurting Lorne.

Sunday, August 8th, 2010 12:55 pm (UTC)
nyawww! these are delightful!
Sunday, August 8th, 2010 01:13 pm (UTC)
I love both of these. Just what I needed to make me start my Sunday with a smile. Lovely as always, and you know how much I love Vala. Her delight in happy relationships adds to the smiles. Angst is fine, but I had enough angst in RL this week! I needed happy. :-)

And Cam and John's little game in Clandestine? Hee!
Sunday, August 8th, 2010 08:57 pm (UTC)
Soooo adorable! Both of them, really, but n'awww, the second one had Colby *and* Alex! More "What Happens Next" please!
Monday, August 9th, 2010 04:46 am (UTC)
This is exactly why I love you so...

Magnificent, but oh so short. Loved them so much more for it.

Thank you!